Low Budget

Easy Penne Pesto

For this Low Budget monday I decided to go for one of my favourite cheat meals. I had a long and busy day today so this easy dish was perfect for tonight. Pasta Pesto is very easy to make and you can add a lot of ingredients if you want to make a more luxury version. This version is easy, but I usually add mushrooms, tomatoes or rucola. It does not look that tasty, but it really is šŸ™‚

Ingredients (for 2):
– 160g penne (depends on how much you usually eat)
– Pesto
– Chicken breast



Step 1: Cook the penne as it says on the package.
Step 2: Cut the chicken breast and the vegetables (if you chose to add them) in pieces.
Step 3: Bake the chicken while the penne cooks.
Step 4: Add the penne to the chicken when it’s cooked and add the pesto. Stir the whole mix and wait 2 minutes until the pesto is warm.


Written by Malu


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