10 Best Cooking Shows on Netflix right now.

Can’t get enough of food? Well, we don’t! Uproxx, news and culture platform, made a top 10 cooking shows on Netflix. A great variety of shows that visualize an unique point of view of food. We checked them out for you! Our favorite pick goes to A Cook Abroad. For us, it shows different culture, different food that we have never heard of. All the ‘food’ components are in the show. They discuss the background of the dish, what is it made of, how to prepare and (most important!) how does it taste? Let’s take a look on the top 10.

#10 Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

#9 Chopped

#8 The Great British Baking Show

#7 Beat Bobby Flay

#6 Food Network Star

#5 Chef’s Table

#4 Cooked

#3 I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

#2 A Cook Abroad (ChoppedUp pick!)

#1 Parts Unknown


Read more on Uproxx ! Click here


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