Team Chopped Up

Chopped Up a place to find all your creative recipe. Our vision is to share our food knowledge of our experimental cooking. It is found by five students of the NHTV Breda University, the Netherlands, who have a love for food. Traditional cooking is something everyone can learn, yet we want to challenge our self.

Every work day we will post a dish that the Chopped Up team has enjoyed.

Monday – Low Budget

As a student you sometimes have to make the choice between alcohol and good food. We want to show that both are still possible when the last days of the month are here, till our banks are filled with money once again. Cook a delicious meal with the cheapest ingredients!

Tuesday – Cultural Tuesday

Have enough of pizza? Want to try something different? We will go in-depth into a specific culture and cook their specialities. This way we want to give more insight in the cooking styles of different cultur

Wednesday – ChopChef Special

Wednesday used to be OFF LIMITS where we post blogs about people who have allergies for certain food. Unfortunately, due to the low amount of interest we decided to cancel this topic. Wednesday will be the day where we post special dishes that us, Chopped Up team, like. 


One unlucky chef, four unknown ingredients and one mission. One of our Chopped Up team has the challenge to cook a meal with four unknown ingredients. Will it be a CHOP or will it be a FLOP?

Friday – Top 10

Friday used to be ALL DAY where we process one ingredient in all our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, due to low amount of interest we decided to cancel this topic. Friday’s content will be a top 10 list. You may ask what kind of top 10 list.. stay tuned!